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Car charger works

Edit: 管理员   Click:   Date: 2009-04-25

1, precharging stage: charger start after the first enters the precharging stage, first a small constant current charge, is designed to activate the battery, the battery preheating, avoid cold damage to the cells, improve the battery charge acceptance ability.

In 2, large current stage: prefilled into constant current after the end of large current charging stage.

3 stage: the battery voltage, constant pressure punch to the set value, the charging current is reduced, to constant current charging, while detecting the battery voltage.

In 4, small current phase: when the battery voltage to rise again to the set value, the charging current is reduced again, continue to constant current charging. Repeated above the charging process.

5, pulse phase: when the charging current is reduced to the set value, charging that the battery has been full, stop charging.

In 6, the floating stage: if unattended charging of the battery, when the battery voltage drops to the set value, the charger into the next cycle.

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