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Teach you how to maintain a headset

Edit: 管理员   Click:   Date: 2009-04-25

Headphone arrived, we have to put the headphones to open, the reason for this that I do not say that we all know. To open, we can enjoy, but is it right? " And opened as long as everything will be fine.? the answer is, the headset itself quality clearance, it is because we are usually in use is not careful makes our beloved earphone prematurely aborted! The following repair my headphones process often see, give us some maintenance recommendation!

1, it is best not to sleep with headphones. Most people never night still, for a long time, the earphone line is wound on the neck is two lines like like cannabis screwed together, even some big headphones shell crushed. 100, 200 at the beginning of the beams is relatively fragile! If some friends say I don't listen to music I can't sleep, then it is better to put the headphones hung, is in your head, with a rubber band to the earphone wire hanging in the bed. Asleep a head earphone will be " pulled " down, no matter what you will not turn over to! Through the elastic benefits is in pull headphones when play a buffer role!

2, use headphones headset line after going to wipe sweat. The secretion of human things, containing the grease of what, which

Wire invisible killer, as the e2c in the ear bending. For a long time, the wire will be aging, resulting in crack, fracture.

In 3, using headphones when it is best not to smoke. Who are not careful when, whether the earphone shell, headphones line hot, hundreds of thousands of ocean can you do not feel bad??? In addition the ash will enter into the earphone casing stuck to the diaphragm, long time voice right.

In 4, before the use of certain small volume. If your output device too loud, not only Zhen ears, light vibration membrane folds. Even the headset voice coil burning.

5, from the strong magnetic earphone. Unit magnetic will decline in the course of time, the sensitivity will drop!

In 6, the earphone from wet. Earphone unit within the pads will rust, resistance increases, your headphones can slant voice.

In 7, the plug part. Some friends like the MP3 what to put in your pocket, plug wire section is very easy to fold, a long time will be broken.

8, do not remove. Curiosity is brilliant, have a look on the open. Some headphones are difficult to disassemble, mx500 without special methods do not open, that you open 80% is broken. 2 small open maybe put casing damaged, or partial tone, 888 and 808 that can also be, good figure.

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