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How to buy a headset?

Edit: 管理员   Click:   Date: 2009-04-13

1, pay attention to product performance index mark

Buy earphone, earphone packaging or instructions on the performance index to pay

attention, because of the poor quality of the headset is often a small factory

production, its performance indicators have a label, some speak in superlatives.

Earphone general minimum is 20~20kHz, frequency range, more than 100mW power, less

than or substantially equal to 0.5% harmonic distortion. If not up to the above

requirements, you'd better not buy. If the manual performance written too high product

is best not to buy.

2, product the quality of workmanship

Major manufacturers to produce the more authentic headset use are typically

engineering plastics, so the appearance of a very smooth, but also has a certain

stress and toughness; it has no rigid sense, work fine, feel good, no use of inferior

plastic roughness. Also, the earphone wire diameter relatively coarse, can guarantee

the stable transmission line, the soft and hard; plug made very smooth and clean, do

not leave the burr, coating evenly smooth. If you do not conform to the above

conditions is best not to buy.

3, you may not be suitable for you

Many users have thought, just buy an expensive headphones will certainly be better

sound quality, but in fact, there are some earphone impedance is very high, high

impedance headphones can better control the sound, but it needs more power output

support, and MP3 player the output power is limited, not likely good drive high

impedance earphone. At present the market in MP3 player, the more common is about 5mW

+5mW power output, the power output of the best in Europe using 50 following impedance

headphones. So, preferably before upgrading MP3 player see earphone and technical

parameters, or to buy back later found not to match there will be big trouble.

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